Hoc Po Feeds Corporation was established in 1989 as a prawn feed manufacturer in the Philippines. Despite being quite late in entering the prawn feed milling business, Hoc Po Prawn Feeds has easily penetrated the blooming prawn industry and earned the respect of many prawn farmers as well as their competitors. However, due to the onset of the diseases that was brought about by the unsustainable prawn culture practices in the year 1994, the once blooming Philippine prawn industry suddenly collapsed.
This problem did not stop the growth of Hoc Po Feeds Corporation. Intensive research in finding solutions to revive the ailing prawn industry, as well as diversifying the lost feed volume by manufacturing sinker fish feeds, were the courses of action that the company had to take. True enough, its prawn feeds became the present market leader in the Philippines and its sinker fish feeds became the choice of many serious fish farmers.
As the company grew, it had expanded its product line by introducing the floater feeds by the mid-part of the year 2001. Again, Hoc Po's Floater Feeds had easily gained the respect of many fish farmers all over the country.
The emergence of Hoc Po Feeds Corporation can be attributed to the sincere dedication of the management and its whole organization in making the Philippine Aquaculture Industry a sustainable and globally competitive one. Hoc Po is now advocating the sustainable aquaculture technology by manufacturing high quality feeds, and updating their business partners with effective modern culture technologies that will maximize their production and profitability without harming the inside and outside environment of their culture systems.
Hoc Po Feeds Corporation is aware that the Philippine Aquaculture Industry as a whole will always face sustained challenges and crises brought about by the fast changing world and globalization. Onset of diseases, volatility of the price of the farmer's produce, fish kills due to bad culture practices, and the high cost of raw materials to produce high quality feeds are the major problems that Hoc Po and the entire industry must cope with.
The present course of action of Hoc Po Feeds Corporation is to maintain its present objectives. These are: continue to produce high quality aqua feeds by utilizing the best raw materials available, and assisting their clients though the company's technical and sales force on how to be efficient while achieving the proper sustainable culture practices.
These are the definite reasons why at present, Hoc Po Feeds Corporation has earned the respect of all the major aquaculture players and institutions in the Philippines.
Hoc Po Feeds Corporation knows that it will always face the challenges ahead before achieving global competitiveness and will always follow its battle cry, "Your Strategic Partner in Sustainable Aquaculture". For Hoc Po, this battle cry means manufacturing the best aquaculture feeds and assisting its partners with the proper culture technology